Monocollant Anti-Thrombo CCL.1



Graduated 18/21 mmHg – CCL. 1 compression Anti-thrombus One-Leg Tights to prevent deep venous thrombosis (DVT) and pulmonary embolism (PE), with an adjustable elastic belt for comfortable support around the waist, and can be worn on either the right or the left leg.

Soft and comfortable thanks to the special three-dimensional weave fabric made of innovative yarns that make them easy to wear and well tolerated. Recommended in cases of hospitalization, before, during and after surgical operations, and prolonged bed stays, especially with elderly, neurological and polytrauma patients.
These stockings maintain their characteristics when undergoing washing up to 80° and feature a massaging sole and inspection toe. With Sanitized® hygienic function.
Composition: 80% POLYAMIDE 20% ELASTANE
Sizes: S, M, L, XL
Colors: SM00 BIANCO, X014 NATUR
How to determine proper size:
To obtain maximum benefit from the stocking the leg must be correctly measured: for this purpose, technical or specialist assistance is recommended. The measurements should be taken preferably in the morning when the legs are less edematous.
Measurements to be taken:
  • Circumference of the ankle (cB), at the narrowest point. This is the point of maximum pressure.
  • Circumference of the leg at the highest point reached by the stocking; depending on the model, this will be:
    • Stockings reaching the groin: the circumference at the point just below the groin (cG);
    • Half way up the thigh: the circumference at the point half way between the groin and the knee (cF);
    • knee-lenght stockings: the circumference at the point just below the knee (cD).
  • The length must be measured from the base of the foot (a) to the highest point reached by the stocking, and it will be, therefore:
    • (lG) for tights and stockings up to just below the groin;
    • (lF) for stockings reaching half way up the thigh;
    • (lD) for knee lenght stockings.
Solidea’s therapeutic stockings are made using high-tech and innovative yarns that maintain extraordinary elasticity with the passage of time. These features have revolutionized the concept of therapeutic stockings up to now on the market.
  • The weight / height ratio table can be used to select the right size for limbs that are not particularly edematous (not too swollen).
  • For swollen limbs you must refer to the circumference table. In this case measure limb circumferences at the points described above.
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