Medical Gauntlet Armband CCL.1 & CCL.2



15/21 mmHg (CCL.1) & 23/32 mmHg (CCL.2) ambidextrous armband with integrated gauntlet that extends to the arm, with decreasing graduated compression from the hand to the arm. A supporting flounce made with a new generation of silicone elastomer, is well tolerated, even by the most sensitive skins.

Soft and comfortable thanks to the revolutionary, and exceptionally elastic, three-dimensional fabric texture that adapts perfectly to the limb. The graduated compression stimulates correct venous and lymphatic return and acts effectively to reduce the edema.
Suitable for conservative treatment of post-trauma and iatrogenic lymphedema. With Sanitized® hygienic function.
Composition: 80% POLYAMIDE 20% ELASTANE
Sizes: S, M, L, XL
Colors: SM09 NERO, SM24 CAMEL
How to determine proper size: