the importance of wearing compression garments

The Importance of Wearing Compression Garments

Are you looking forward for a cosmetic surgery? And if you have scheduled everything like your surgeon, leaves from work, but have you decided on your compression garments?

The Importance of Wearing Compression Garments:

The compression garments plays a vital role in the recovery period of cosmetic surgery. A high quality compression garments will help you in your recovery process in the following ways:

1. Helps in flushing out of the harmful fluids from the body and reduces the swelling too. Flushing of the fluids reduces the bruises on the body and infections during the healing process.

2. Aids in shin retraction and body contouring, the compression garments will help in holding your skin against the body.

3. Feel more comfortable during the healing process – A proper fitted compression garments help you in recovery post cosmetic surgery by reducing the swelling.

When to give a fitting for compression garments:

Fit the garment prior to the surgery to get a correct size. Don’t worry about your size although it will be smaller after liposuction procedure, but you’ll be the same size After surgery, the size tends to be smaller but as post-operative swelling consults that your lips will be of the same size after the first week of your liposuction surgery. It is important to bring along the garment to hospital, so it can be fitted before you discharge.

How long the compression garments should be used:

Compression garments should be used for 6 to 8 months post-surgery. Do remove them before you go for shower or bath. You are advised to use a soft post-surgical bra, sports bra, or bike pant (depending on your surgery) if you feel uncomfortable to sleep in with the garment.

In addition to that in many cosmetic procedures, these compression garments should be worn for longer periods as well. The high quality post-operative, garment should be worn to expedite the recovery process. Compression garment nowadays are designed with high quality fabric and construction, in order for a patient to wear the garment for long period of time and doesn’t feel any discomfort.

Can the user wear the non-medical garments?

There are types of garments available in local stores, such as athletic short, bra, off-the-shelf girdles, and plastic surgery compression garments. A non-medical garment can be in high quality, but they are not designed for helping in healing process after cosmetic surgery; and it doesn’t meet the cosmetic surgery recovery purpose in terms of material, fabric, technology and features which required for recovery process.

In many cases, a non-medical garment purchased from local store doesn’t help you in healing, but take a longer period for recovery process compare to a medical compression garment.

How to select the best compression garment:

Medisiamedic has different types of compression garments. We will advise our customers to select the compression garments depend on the time they will spend on the garment, and also the type of procedure they are having. The purpose of wearing the compression garment is to suppress the swelling and bruising over the areas.

Medisiamedic has a team of experienced fitters who will guide you to select the best compression garment.

Things to remember:
  • If you are having a breast augmentation surgery, you need to wear the post-surgical or compression bra 24 hours a day for at least 6 weeks.
  • If you are travelling post-surgery, do remember to wear your compression garments. If you experience swollen feet, please wear a Tubigrip to minimize the swelling.
  • It is essential to wear the compression garment after face lift surgery, as it will help in reduction of swelling and give some pain relief as well.