the importance of wearing a breast prosthesis

The Importance of Wearing A Breast Prosthesis

It is medically necessary to maintain a proper shape symmetry of the back and chest; it helps if wearing a fit weighted silicone breast prosthesis following a mastectomy.

The Importance of Wearing a Breast Prosthesis We Must Know

1. A breast form helps to restore women’s self-confidence psychologically. It is designed to be worn externally and resemble the natural appearance, weight and feel of a breast.

2. Women are allowed to wear a temporary light fiber-filled breast form after a few days of surgery. It can restore shape and also prevents irritation to sensitive issues. After six to eight weeks of surgery, the permanent silicon fiber can be worn.

3. Silicon breast forms offer a lot of advantages compare to the other types of breast forms. They are designed to closely resemble the appearance, texture, and weight of natural breasts. Silicon breast forms readily adapt to the normal body temperatures like a natural breast.

4. Women went through breast cancer surgery should wear a mastectomy bra, which comes with a pocket sewn into the bra cup to support and hold the breast form in place. It is very important to choose a good mastectomy bras which fits you correctly. It should be able to support the weight of breast form. Please look for professional fitting if you are not sure about your size.

5. The nature of the women surgery and her body with varieties of sizes and styles available, it makes the professional fitting very important for the patients. A trained and experienced professional fitter can help to choose the appropriate shape and size of the breast form. A breast form must provide a comfortable fit to match remaining breasts in terms of size and shape.

6. A breast form need to be washed with mild soap and warm water then dried gently after use. It has to be stored in a box and prevent it from various accidental damage if it is not in use. A prosthesis can last up to 5 years, but a woman might require a new size prosthesis or bra if she loss or gain weight. It is recommended for a refitting every two years to ensure your mastectomy bra and prosthesis still fit correctly.